Access to information

Helping Iranians get access to censored content.

Information controls

Researching event based info controls in Iran.


Facilitating easier access to information easier.

Access to Information

We propagate and localize circumvention tools, work with developers and provide dedicated and personalized user support. We are committed to bringing guidelines on digital security and privacy to Iranians.


We localize circumvention and privacy tools by directly working with users and developers.

Dev Support

We work closely with developers to keep them informed of user feedback, info control policies and key events effecting usage and access.

User Support

We provide dedicated and personalized support to help users access and use circumvention tools.


We use Amazon S3 services and our Farsi website to help users download and access tools from a trusted source.

Email Delivery

We use Psiphon’s open source email responder system to deliver circumvention tools and guidelines to users' emails directly.

Digital Security

We write guidelines, translate and aggregate content to raise awareness to digital security and online privacy.

Information Controls

Our research is focused on Iran's Internet ecosystem and government accountability and transparency. We aim to better understand information controls and to raise awareness on the ways in which they affect users.


These are some of our current projects and collaborations with other groups.

Iran Cyber Dialogue

Iran Cyber Dialogue (ICD) is an annual event that brings together researchers, developers and funders working for information access and privacy in Iran. The next ICD will be held in March of 2015, as part of Circumvention Tech Fest in Valencia, Spain.

Iran Cyber Dialogue
Save the Date: March 1-6, 2015

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