Notable Interviews within Iranian Media: Amir Mohebbian talks about Ahmadinejad’s future

As part of our monitoring of the Iranian media environment, we’re starting a new initiative to highlight notable interviews gaining attention within Iran. This week ASL 19 researchers have selected Amir Mohebbian’s conversation with Etemad newspaper.

Conservative political analyst Amir Mohebbian says, Ahmadinejad’s “psychological and mental characteristics” are in a way that “he would have acted volcanic had faced limitations regarding his political future,” explaining Iranian elites took measures to prevent such a situation from occurring.

Mohebbian expressed these opinions during an interview with the reformist Etemad newspaper on July 28th in light of Ahmadinejad’s attempt to obtain a permit to establish a university.

Mohabbian further explained that Iran’s ruling elites have not blocked Ahmadinejad’s future plans, stating his “future is not an absolute dead-end, which he himself is aware of.”

Although Ahmadinejad overtly opposed the will of the Supreme Leader and that of the IRGC on several occasions, making them a target of his innuendos on numerous occasions. Despite this, he has not experienced a serious strike from their front.

Many analysts believe Ahmadinejad’s unique characteristics, along with his access to sensitive evidence against top ranking officials, alongside the events of the 2009 presidential elections have played a crucial role in preventing the system from a serious clash with him. Ayatollah Khamenei has asked him on several occasions to endure him until the end of his term.

“I believe that the system wants a calm, rational and democratic transition from Ahmadinejad’s administration to that of Mr. Rouhani’s,” says Mohebbian. He also announced “ in addition to a permit to establish a university, Ahmadinejad has also obtained permits for a number of publications.”

“Ahamadinejad will try to place his confidants in alternative positions, thus forming something like a political party for his supporters,” predicts Mohebbian. “It seems that Mr.Ahmadinejad is trying to secure his presence in the country’s political scene.” Pointing out to Ahmadinejad’s efforts in “team-building” he expects that he “will have a headquarter similar to the Research Centre and Institution of Globalization to base his allies in.”