Meidoon Watch Weekly V

This week we had medieval throw back to 7th century concept of a Caliphate, and shining volleyball tournament on Meidoon, among other things. A whole lot happened this week and a whole lot of it was shared on social media. Take a look for yourself!

ISIS Leader Claims Himself as the Caliph of All Muslims

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This guy seems to just belong in social media! his moves have the perfect recipe for going viral (i.e. map).

He has also called for all muslims, especially engineers, doctors, and skilled professionals to move out to the new caliphate. I have not yet heard news of a mass muslim exodus.

What is a Caliphate

RIP Bagher Sahraroodi

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News of death are always sad. Sahraroodi was an old (not by age, but by time in the profession) witty and talented Iranian actor who began his career in the 1970’s. For those who enjoy their dose of retro Iranian comedy, he was involved in a few “Samad” movies, along with some TV series and movies more recently. The actor-producer-director will surely be missed.


European Court of Human Rights Upholds France’s Burqa Ban

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The french state just can’t seem to get enough regulatory control on its citizen’s bodies. Since 2010, France has banned the wearing of the burqa on counts of “living together”, and the importance of seeing someone’s face when interacting with them. They’ve made a smooth transition, by banning veils for teachers, followed by students and finally their parents on school trips. And now everywhere. Half the world is riled up about the recent ruling, some with happiness and some with anger. I smell some fear of the unknown in the French.

Iran’s Men’s Volleyball Team Reaches the World League Finals

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Iran’s Men’s Volleyball team has reached the finals! The team has had an absolutely beautiful rise to the top, beating Brazil, Italy and Poland on its way.


Iran is headed to sunny Los Angeles for some friendly games with the U.S. team, before the finals, held in Poland, from 30 August to 21 September 2014. Who needs Fifa when you have FIVB?

Iraqi Kurds to Hold Referendum re: Independence

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While ISIS is reshuffling the middle east map in their dreams, Iraqi Kurds are preparing for a little reshuffling themselves. The President of the Kurdish region of Iraq has asked the parliament to prepare for a referendum on their Independence from Iraq (or whatever remains from it). The U.S. has declared that they don’t find this constitutional—( while insisting that Ukraine should totally define their own country etc). The proposal has sparked hot debates between Iranians, Iranian Kurds and others.

Written by Arta, Trend Analyst at ASL19, for : Joint project between the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, and ASL19