Meidoon Watch Weekly VI

Meidoon never seems to disappoint, and this week was no different. Meidoon picked the top links, and now, I got the top of the tops for your reading pleasure. I’m not going to say anything about Brazil.

Majlis Pushes for Khatami Bans

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The same nagging MP’s who constantly hassle Rouhani’s administration, have also taken upon themselves to ask for Khatami to be silenced, banned form leaving the country and banned from television. Some kids just don’t know how to play.

As they are pushing for their fantasies to be enacted, they are facing resistance from other members of Majlis and government. Let me add, the ideas of these guys are so far fetched, even the Minister of Justice isn’t on board.

Iranian Mounted Police Make Their Debut

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The Iranian Police has suddenly unveiled its mounted unit this week. The mounted squad was created with the purpose of fighting riots, unrest, and good old terrorism. However, since the squad is yet to be trained for these particular activities, they are spending their time in other ways. Riding the wave of throw back initiated by ISIS in the region (refer to Meidoon Watch V), they are giving public classes in the game of Chogan— an ancient Iranian version of Polo.

There is some debate about why British horses have been used in the squad.

Ali Jannati: Our Worries Run Deeper Than Tights

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Fear not as the ridiculous discussion on tights has not left Majlis and Meidoon yet! The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, sensibly expressed that the worries of the government should be things like addiction, high rates of divorce, and modifying the sociocultural environment.

As expected, comment sections on news are once again hosting the 35 year old debate between the secular and the religious, and everyone in between.

Study: You Would Rather Suffer Electric Shocks Than To Be Left With Your Thoughts

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A study from University of Virginia exploded all over the media, showing that when people are left alone for 6-15 minutes, they choose to do mundane tasks and, given the option, administer electric shocks to themselves. It seems that we prefer doing something over doing nothing, even if the something is painful or not enjoyable.

I’m not sure if this springs from the childhood urge to stick things into sockets.

Iranian Judge, Gilani, Dead at 86

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Mohammad Mohammadi Gilani, an Iranian judge, infamous for sentencing his own two sons to death, has died in a hospital in Tehran. Some are rejoicing while some are mourning the loss. I can’t say Im in that second category.

Written by Arta, Trend Analyst at ASL19, for : Joint project between the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, and ASL19