Meidoon Watch Weekly VII

What were you reading this week ? So much happened in the world, in the cyber world, and in Meidoon’s world. The good, the bad, and the ugly, here on Meidoon Watch Weekly.

500 Million T Restaurant Fraud in Tehran

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An Italian restaurant in Tehran has effortlessly stolen something close to $190,000 USD from their customers. Effortless, you ask? Well, in Iran, there is a strange tradition in the newly installed card paying system, where you give your card along with the password to the person who collects the payment for them to complete the process. The Iranian facebookers, are aware of the ridiculousness of this issue, but are completely helpless against the defensive restaurateurs and store owners you get offended when you ask to put in your pin yourself.

Study: Brains of Sex Addicts, Similar to Brains of Drug Addicts

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Another week another porn study. The University of cambridge has conducted a study to see whether compulsive sexual behaviour –i.e. frequent thoughts about sex, having sex, or watching pornography categorizes as an addiction. The lucky participants watched some porn, while their brain activity was being monitored via MRI. The brain activity of the volunteers who had compulsive sexual behaviour while watching porn , mirrored that of a drug addict with their favourite drug. The timing of the release of this on BBC caused a lot of frustration and antagonism towards the BBC as to why they were reporting on this rather than #Gaza.

Ladies and gentle ones, a newspaper has different sections.

Soraya’s Fortune Donated to French Charities

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Soraya Esfandiary was married to the Mohamamd Reza Pahlavi, Iran’s former Shah, for seven years. The marriage came to a tearful end as Soraya was not able to bear children. Soraya spent the rest of her life in splendour and lush beauty as a socialite in Europe, where she passed away in 2001 (In Germany).

A German court has now ruled for her remaining fortunes to be donated to three French charities, as she had willed.

There is some anger, again, on part of some Iranians, as they debate whether the money went to the right places. Well, at least in didn’t go to ISIS.

Abuse in Daycare

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Seems like I don’t have the fortunes of getting away one week without some sort of terrible news. In the past week or so, new revelations about alleged child abuse in a number of daycares in Tehran and other places in Iran have surfaced. The range of the reported behaviour is wide. The outrage was sparked by a video taken by a staff member at a daycare, showing one of the staff force feeding and slapping a 3 year old child.

Since then, the daycare has been closed and the staff member in question has been arrested. The conversation,though, has not stopped.

Malaysian Airlines Flight Shot Down

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Mother Earth’s theme this week seems to be tragedy. A Malaysian Airlines flight was shot down over Ukraine’s skies on Thursday. 298 passengers are dead. Amongst those, we have lost top HIV/AIDS researchers, some members of the families of the previously disappeared Malaysian Airline Flight (remember that?) , and 189 Dutch nationals, 44 Malaysians, 27 Australians, 12 Indonesians, nine passengers believed to be from the UK, four each from Germany and Belgium, three from the Philippines, one Canadian and one from New Zealand.

The world’s eyes are on Mr. Putin, and his eyes are on Ukraine, and Ukraine is probably looking up somewhere.

Is anyone thinking about a certain Iran Air flight 655, in 1988 ? or is that just me ?

Written by Arta, Trend Analyst at ASL19, for : Joint project between the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, and ASL19