The Week in #Iran Social Media


It was a week of wins and losses and almost wins and complete losses in Meidoon. The sporting world was getting reshuffled while nature was carrying out its own schedule.

Ali Karimi Hangs Up the Cleats

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Ali Karimi attempted to make a quiet exit from the world of soccer this week. Somehow, ever so paradoxically, his wanting to leave quietly (which happened on Instagram) made a lot of noise.

Like many other Iranian Soccer players who left without a grande goodbye, Karimi, The Asian Maradona, joins the likes of Mahdavikia and Ali Daei who left without a Goodbye Game. The goodbye game has been dubbed a media stunt and a waste of money by Karimi.

Karimi bravely supported the Green movement of 2008

Dariush Eghbali Interview

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An interview with Dariush, a veteran Iranian pop singer and former cool cat, topped off Meidoon’s charts this week.

Beyond his music, Dariush, is widely known for his social and political activism, especially in raising awareness about drugs, addiction, and AIDS.

In his interview with RadioFarda, Dariush discusses his ongoing campaigns and his upcoming album. Sentiments, in social media and in response to this interview, were positive. As a figure who has returned form dark times of addiction to someone who is called “Iranian Children’s Godfather” .

Mysterious Hole Discovered At The End Of The World

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Mother Earth has popped a champaign bottle and left a little souvenir for all the curious scientists out there.

Earlier this week, a hole was discovered in a Region in Siberia, also know as the End of The World. At 80 Meters wide, the hole is a one of a kind gateway for a Jules Verne style kind of adventure.

Jokes aside, this is another manifestation of global warming and gas explosions under the surface of the earth.

Iran Basketball Team Wins Asia’s Top Title

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Iran’s National Basketball team has won the Asian FIBA cup, AGAIN.

In the final game against Chinese Taipei, a.k.a. Taiwan, Iran defended their title, defeating their opponent 89-79.

This win, along with Iran’s winning of 4th place in the World Volleyball championships, have been sources of great pride for Iranians, who love their winning teams.

Photos from the celebrations, courtesy of

ISIS Crisis 3.2

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IS(IS) is just being downright disgusting this week. On Thursday , newsstarted circulating the IS leader has issued a fatwa for all women in Mosul between 11-46 to be circumcised (mutilated). Yet another modern idea from the IS camp. Fortunately, later in the day, they claimed that the news were illegitimate, and that the fatwa was a hoax.

Written by Arta, Trend Analyst at ASL19, for : Joint project between the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, and ASL19