Meidoon Watch 

Every month Meidoon’s team puts together Meidoon Watch, an infographic, summarizing how the Farsi links on social media performed. We tell you who’s stories and which stories grabbed a lot of attention, news that were left out, and a little bit about the stories that are up and coming.

Meidoon was busy  for the first month of the summer in Iran, which also coincided with Ramdan. In the early days of the month, the World Cup continued to dominate some parts of Meidoon, however, as that tapered off, we saw more of Iran’s success in Volleyball and Basketball come through. Slowly but surely,  the sad and ongoing news about Gaza and Israel made its way onto Meidoon.

Top 100 of Meidoon

Amongst the top sources for news, BBC Persian was the most trending with 64 of the top 100 links, while other sources trailed far behind.  The news from Iranian Politics, and Sports were equally popular this month.  News like the Retirement of Ali Karimi and the ongoing debates of Iran’s parliament were trending in these categories.  Social news, and world reports were not  too far behind! In the latter parts of the month, the news of a $190,000 theft in a Tehran restaurant ended up on the hot lists of Meidoon.

In the upcoming weeks, we predict more of the news of Israel and Gaza war in International news, as well as more news from the parliament of Iran as they hash out issues of sex segregation in the workplace, and explore the depths of corruption and debt from the Ahmadinejad administration.  Of course, the news of IS will lurk around our Meidoon as well.

Find the infographic here  and keep your eyes on Meidoon’s daily English blog for the latest trends in Iran’s Social Media.

Meidoon Watch-July14-Eng-01

Arta is a trend analyst and social media wandered at ASL19, writing these reports for a joint project between the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, and ASL19