Announcement of Iran’s National Cyber Security plan at the first Iran Cyber Security Exhibition

The Supreme Council of Cyberspace (SCC) has rolled out their plans – focusing on national security at the first Iran Cyber Security Exhibition (ICSE).

According to the Nasr organization’s public relation report, Mohammad Hassan Entezari, the head of the SCC, at the grand opening of ISCE, pointed out the SCC’s plans and programs on data communication security in Iran. Furthermore, Mr. Entezari mentioned that “the SCC – with special consideration to the security of national cyberspace – plans to pass a new legislation on National Cyber Security, in order to further develop Iran’s IT industry”.

Mr. Entezari announced that the mentioned plan is currently in the production stage and will be submitted for approval of SCC, once it is ready for implementation.

Entezari emphasized the need to reform the country’s views on the cyber security technology and added that in order to have an ethical approach on topics, certain regulations and legislations should be formed on strategic management of cyber security.

The head of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace mentioned that domestic products should be utilized in the area of cyber security. “The main emphasis of this course should be to set up the National Information Network, and it is a national need that this network is constructed as expeditiously as possible”, he said.

Hassan Entezari stressed that the use of domestic products does not translate into a complete disconnect from the international IT market. “In order to have complete control over management of national cyber security,” he said, “we need to also manufacture domestically”.

The head of SCC expressed his satisfaction with the first Iran Cyber Security Exhibition, organized by the Computer Trade Organization of Tehran, and said: “As the representative of private sectors, we hope that this organization can show an improved overall presence in this exhibition, in the coming years.”