Filternet Watch: Lantern

Filternet Watch aims to bring together developers of circumvention, privacy and security software and connect them to the needs and concerns of their user communities in Iran. Each month, ASL19 will feature one tool that our community of users are talking about, along with monthly updates of user feedback and how other tools are performing in Iran with relevant news and policy changes that could affect circumvention and censorship.

We will also host a monthly Google Hangout for tool developers, discussing hot topics among Iranian Internet users and providing a forum to for software updates and developments.

Lantern is a circumvention tool developed by Brave New Software, based on a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) model, with a primary focus on providing access to users in countries facing Internet censorship. Lantern’s P2P model allows Internet users in countries with less pervasive censorship policies to act as a gateway for those who do not have open access to the Internet by routing their traffic through their Internet connection. As mentioned on their website, “With Lantern, every computer can act as a server. By running Lantern, every user with uncensored access can become an access point for those without”; consequently, Lantern can potentially have users across the world providing access to Internet users in countries like China or Iran, and in others where information control policies are implemented by governments.

ASL19 spoke with Adam Fisk, the CEO of Brave New Software, the non for profit organization behind Lantern. We spoke with Adam to learn more about Lantern and its role in the circumvention of information controls.

If you like to learn more about Lantern and ASL19’s latest updates to its services for users and developers, check out our October Filternet Watch post.