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Last month, we announced our collaboration with Coda Societies to conduct an independent review of our organizational culture and practices. As promised, we are now sharing their findings in this Executive Summary, which also covers their approach and recommendations following one-on-one confidential interviews with all 23 members of our team, a review of our existing policies and practices, and a series of team-wide workshops to clarify our organizational ethical principles. We are grateful to our team for trusting us through these past months and working with us to co-create a better ASL19.

On March 1st, we started a year-long collaboration with Coda Societies and our team to implement all their recommendations, beginning immediately with the following:

  • Reviewing and revising our Code of Conduct for both workplace and community spaces — one that is co-created with team-wide input and aligns with our values and identity as a multicultural organization. This process has already begun.
  • Engaging former employees based on their individual preference. If you are a former employee, we invite you to share your experience at ASL19, contribute feedback and/or be involved in our process of change. Please contact Coda Societies directly (contact information below). Your conversation will remain confidential unless you prefer otherwise. To respect individual security and privacy, we will not be reaching out to former employees directly.
  • Introduce stronger HR mechanisms by enlisting the help of an experienced HR consultant for our team to bring up issues, complaints and conflict for response and resolution. We have already engaged this consultant and introduced her to our team last month.

As we go through this process of reflection and change, we are working towards building a healthy, thriving organization where individual team members can grow alongside our work. Beyond supporting our team, this will strengthen our capacity to better serve the needs of those who use our platforms and rely on our work to support and amplify their voices. Now as before, we remain focused and committed to our mission to improve freedom of expression and access to information online.

Anna and Fereidoon

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Coda Societies’ contact information:

garancechoko at codasocieties dot com
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F4BB CBF9 FD1B DEAB DBEE  FF05 0420 8964 6FB2 C105

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