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Paskoocheh is a marketplace that enables easy access to circumvention and privacy tools.


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Paskoocheh, Persian for “alleyway,” is an app store, a community hub and one-stop-shop for Iranians to access information and tools to circumvent censorship, securely communicate and express themselves online. We partner with tool developers and user communities to build capacity around censorship resilience and to ensure technologies are persistently evolving to counter the impact of information controls and internet shutdowns.

Since Paskoocheh’s launch in 2016, we’ve facilitated over 7 million tool downloads, reached millions of users and worked with dozens of tool developers and a dedicated community to localize, test and improve tools in Iran.

Paskoocheh aims to strengthen the relationship between user and developer communities, making more diversified, responsive tools and resources available to Iranians and preparing the community for foreseeable challenges in accessing digital media and the free internet. Through our services, Paskoocheh lays the foundation for greater access to information and a sustainable digital tool ecosystem that puts users’ needs first.

How we started

Due to heavy information controls, Iranians face significant challenges accessing the Internet. For years, Iranian authorities have actively blocked numerous websites and apps, including circumvention and digital security tools (e.g, VPNs), social media, and app stores. What makes the matter more complicated is the over-compliance of tech sanctions which make many tech companies reluctant to make their tools and products available to Iranians, creating extra barriers to internet freedom in Iran.

In 2016, the introduction of Paskoocheh provided an effective and safe alternative for Iranians to access and download a wide array of apps. Paskoocheh also plays the liaising role to incentivize and support developers to localize their tools for Iran by facilitating a continuous feedback loop between users and developers through testing and user helpdesk.

Given the increased internet shutdown incidents over the past years and the development of Iran’s National Information Network, we work directly with our partners and user communities to provide resources and tools that help Iranians stay safe and connected.

How we do it


  • Censorship-resilient tool download channels: Paskoocheh allows users to download tools directly through one of our four censorship-resilient channels – Paskoocheh website, Paskoocheh Android App, Email bot, and Telegram bot.
  • User support helpdesk: Based on the open-source project Zammad, the Paskoocheh Helpdesk handles over 200 tickets per day to answer questions and concerns. Our Persian-speaking support team also helps translate and relay user requests to tool developers to facilitate an effective feedback loop.
  • Capacity building: We translate and publish accessible user guides, blog posts and multimedia content to help users to navigate best practices and identify trustworthy tools when it comes to online privacy and digital security.


  • Localization & UX/UI design support: We work closely with tool developers and user communities to translate user documentation and localize tools for Iranian users.
  • In-country user testing: We work directly with tool developers and user communities to test out new tools, features and improve the overall user experience and tool performance in Iran.
  • Tool distribution and outreach: Paskoocheh’s multiple tool download channels allow smoother tool distribution and we co-create outreach and promotional materials in Persian to help tool providers build their brand awareness.

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