There is always a way.

We help citizens assert their digital rights and access information online.

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What we do

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Design & development

We build innovative websites and apps that bring news and data to life.

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Community building

We bring technology, media, and civil society actors together in support of civil society goals.

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Transparency & accountability

We create platforms that make government activities more accessible and easy to monitor.

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Localization & user support

We help Arabic and Farsi-speaking users to bypass Internet censorship.

Our projects

  • Iran Cyber Dialogue

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  • Iran Cyber Stewards

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  • Rouhani Meter

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  • Majlis Monitor

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  • Paskoocheh

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  • Meidoon

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  • Khoondi

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  • Internet Legislation Atlas

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  • Dadeh

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  • ASL19 Farsi

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  • ASL19 Arabic

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Friends & partners