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  • A brand new Factnameh website is here!

    In April 2017, Factnameh started its journey as the first fact-checking platform covering misinformation in Iran and Persian content online. Since then, we have published over 700 fact-checks and investigated claims and narratives from prominent actors in Iran’s political and media sectors.  In the past five years, as the platform and its audience grew, so […]

  • Story of BeePassVPN Branding

    Let’s make this VPN more lively. How did the story of branding our first VPN (Virtual Private Network) start? ASL19, a technology and media organization working on helping people access information, launched BeePass VPN in early 2021 to help people in Iran — where voices and content are frequently censored by the state — to […]

  • Build trust in users by designing with their privacy in mind

    A growing number of users are moving from Facebook, a platform that emphasizes broadcasting and amplified sharing, to Instagram, a platform where sharing is more intimate and controlled. There’s a feeling of privacy and control in Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, because of its simplicity. Whether the shift in popularity between the two platforms […]

  • How Our Fact-Checking Mascot Was Born?

    Here it is, I’m writing my first Medium post, and I would like to write about the story behind our fact-checking mascot! I’m a visual designer at ASL19, where we help Iranian citizens to assert their digital rights and access information online. In 2017, we launched the first Iranian political fact-checking website called “Factnameh” a day […]

  • 3 tips for better user-centred design

    In order to design a useful product we need to understand our users and prioritize their needs. At ASL19, we’re familiar with creating products for users with vastly different lives and experiences than our own. We use ethnographic research, data, and user feedback to better understand who we’re designing for, but making a truly user-centric […]