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  • Multiple GitLab projects on the same Kubernetes Cluster (GitLab CI/CD)

    My team has recently boarded the hype train on Kubernetes deployments. We can get rid of a bunch of staging servers and never look back. While doing so, we also don’t seek after high-cost cluster maintenance infrastructures. Recently I got myself a basic standard-type 2-node cluster to do some tests and deploy some of the […]

  • Why Kubernetes?

    Kubernetes is currently a hot topic with lots of arguments for or against using it in smaller scales. The opponents argue that Kubernetes (or K8S in short) brings a complexity that is not needed for most use cases and that the traditional methods are still the better way for most people. Some proponents have unfortunately fallen […]

  • DevOps at ASL19

    As the first post in our engineering blog, it’s fitting to provide an overview of how DevOps has evolved at ASL19. This also fits well with the next series of post about our current experience with Kubernetes and is a good chance to see how and why we have ended up here. 1. In the […]