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  • A Good Election Day!

    Iran’s elections have been extraordinary, not just for their results, but also for the changes in information control policies compared to previous votes. Like the previous elections, Iran continuously increased efforts, starting as early as January, to block access to many circumvention tools and control the flow of information in the run up to the […]

  • Iran’s Minister of ICT Discusses Open Access To Social Networking Platforms

    In a recent visit to Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA) the Minister of Communication and Information Technology of Iran, Mahmoud Vaezi, revealed the government’s openness in granting Internet users with open access to social networking websites. Mr. Vaezi recognized that access to free information is a civil right in Iran and even though it has […]

  • Filternet Watch: Lantern

    Filternet Watch aims to bring together developers of circumvention, privacy and security software and connect them to the needs and concerns of their user communities in Iran. Each month, ASL19 will feature one tool that our community of users are talking about, along with monthly updates of user feedback and how other tools are performing […]