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  • The Shrine of Fatima Masumeh in Qom by Amir Hesaminejad for Tasnim News Agency

    Misinformation in a Time of COVID-19: A Look Inside Iran

    Misinformation about COVID-19 can pose serious threats to public health. It manipulates how people perceive and react to a serious global pandemic, such as creating a false sense of safety or misconceptions about the causes and treatments for the illness. Given the widespread distrust of state media, online misinformation is particularly insidious in Iran as […]

  • Rouhani Meter Annual Report (Executive Summary)

    August 2019 marks the sixth anniversary of Hassan Rouhani’s presidency. His sixth year in office was a difficult one, both for him and for the people of Iran. The economic and political crises that began earlier seem to continue into his seventh year.  The Rouhani administration has not experienced such instability since he came to […]

  • Multiple GitLab projects on the same Kubernetes Cluster (GitLab CI/CD)

    My team has recently boarded the hype train on Kubernetes deployments. We can get rid of a bunch of staging servers and never look back. While doing so, we also don’t seek after high-cost cluster maintenance infrastructures. Recently I got myself a basic standard-type 2-node cluster to do some tests and deploy some of the […]

  • Why Kubernetes?

    Kubernetes is currently a hot topic with lots of arguments for or against using it in smaller scales. The opponents argue that Kubernetes (or K8S in short) brings a complexity that is not needed for most use cases and that the traditional methods are still the better way for most people. Some proponents have unfortunately fallen […]

  • DevOps at ASL19

    As the first post in our engineering blog, it’s fitting to provide an overview of how DevOps has evolved at ASL19. This also fits well with the next series of post about our current experience with Kubernetes and is a good chance to see how and why we have ended up here. 1. In the […]

  • Build trust in users by designing with their privacy in mind

    A growing number of users are moving from Facebook, a platform that emphasizes broadcasting and amplified sharing, to Instagram, a platform where sharing is more intimate and controlled. There’s a feeling of privacy and control in Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, because of its simplicity. Whether the shift in popularity between the two platforms […]

  • How Our Fact-Checking Mascot Was Born?

    Here it is, I’m writing my first Medium post, and I would like to write about the story behind our fact-checking mascot! I’m a visual designer at ASL19, where we help Iranian citizens to assert their digital rights and access information online. In 2017, we launched the first Iranian political fact-checking website called “Factnameh” a day […]

  • 3 tips for better user-centred design

    In order to design a useful product we need to understand our users and prioritize their needs. At ASL19, we’re familiar with creating products for users with vastly different lives and experiences than our own. We use ethnographic research, data, and user feedback to better understand who we’re designing for, but making a truly user-centric […]

  • Organizational Review

    Last month, we announced our collaboration with Coda Societies to conduct an independent review of our organizational culture and practices. As promised, we are now sharing their findings in this Executive Summary, which also covers their approach and recommendations following one-on-one confidential interviews with all 23 members of our team, a review of our existing […]

  • Statement

    Two months ago we published a statement announcing the resignation of Ali K Bangi following public allegations of sexual assault and forcible confinement. This was the first time we had heard about these allegations. We were left with many questions and concerns about how this might impact our work, our team and our communities. And […]

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