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  • Rouhani Meter and the First 100 Days

    Cross-posted with the Munk School of Global Affairs. On August 3rd, 2013, set out to measure the performance of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani by monitoring the status of promises he made during his campaign. As of November 12, 2013, 100 days since the beginning of his term, experts and researchers have collected data from media outlets, government releases, government proceedings, social […]

  • Rouhani Meter’s Report on the third 10 days of Rouhani’s Presidency

    September 5, 2013 It has been a month since Hassan Rouhani was inaugurated as President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. While his administration’s first twenty days in office were busy, the last ten days have seen a slowing of activity, with Rouhani failing to make progress on his election promises. One of the main […]

  • Rouhani Meter’s report on the second 10 days of Rouhani’s Presidency

    During the second 10 day period of Rouhani’s presidency, the majority of his proposed cabinet ministers earned the approval of the parliament, with the first meeting of the newly formed government taking place. This report covers the most recent updates about the promises mentioned within the RouhaniMeter website. Since the government’s focus has remained mainly […]

  • Rouhani Meter’s Report on the first 10 days of Rouhani’s Presidency

    Written by ASL19 researchers for RouhaniMeter It has been ten days since Hassan Rouhani’s inauguration into the office of the President, and there have been few significant events for observers to measure the new government’s performance in pursuing Rouhani’s promises. What has been done includes the introduction of cabinet members to parliament for a vote of […]

  • ASL19 Works on Rouhani Meter

    One of our latest projects is Rouhani Meter . The project will monitor President Hassan Rouhani’s administrative performance for his first 100 days in office and beyond. Inspired by the Egyptian Morsi Meter, our project will monitor the extent to which he (and his administration) deliver on promises in four categories: foreign policy, economy, domestic policy, […]

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