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  • Apple Removes Iranian Apps From App Store

    On August 24th Apple began aggressively purging Iranian apps from the App Store citing US sanctions law. Apps removed include the famous online store Digikala, Iranian ride-hailing app Snapp, and online meals delivery start up Delion Foods among many others. This follows Apple’s recent removal of major VPN providers from its China App Store at […]

  • Information Controls in Iran’s 2017 Presidential Election

    Introduction In Iran, elections and heightened Internet censorship often go hand in hand. A few weeks before the contested 2009 election, Facebook was blocked and the SMS network was shut down. When the next presidential election rolled around in 2013, the authorities disrupted circumvention tools, and network throttling slowed Internet speeds to a crawl. Such […]

  • Memo to Tech and Social Media Companies: Stop Aiding Iran’s War on the Internet

    March 15, 2017 —Major technology and social media companies should stop barring Iranians from buying or accessing personal communications tools and services that are not banned by any sanctions, and make immediately available to Iranians the full range of permissible items, the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) and ASL19 said in a joint […]

  • Reset The Net

    ASL19 is excited and proud to be a part of Reset the Net, a very important online campaign to take back our online privacy. June 5th also marks the one year anniversary of Edward Snowden’s revelations of NSA mass surveillance. To help ‘Reset The Net’, ASL19 will help and support Iranian Internet users with encryption […]

  • Ask Me Anything with the Psiphon Team

    ASL19’s  second “Ask Me Anything” series, our latest initiative which is inspired by Reddit’s “AMA” subreddit, will feature the team behind Psiphon3, a popular circumvention tool used in Iran and elsewhere. You can submit your questions or follow the conversation by going to our Google Moderator Series page. As part of this new series, we […]

  • Iran on the Day to End Mass Surveillance

      This was originally posted in Global Voices Advocacy.  The revelations surrounding the surveillance practices of the NSA and other Western government intelligence agencies may have made 2013 the year the Internet lost its innocence within democratic states. But this state of perpetual, pervasive surveillance has long been part of everyday life within the Islamic […]

  • Freegate and Facebook: A Cautionary Tale for Iranians Using Circumvention Tools

    Freegate, one of the most popular circumvention tools used by Iranian Internet users, was reportedly compromised by a phishing attack this weekend. When Freegate users tried to access Facebook, they were taken to the following link instead: According the Freegate, this incident was caused when the company tried to test a new proxy server. […]

  • International Principles on the Application of Human Rights to Communications Surveillance

    ASL 19 has recently joined hundreds of global groups as signatories of the International Principles on the Application of Human Rights to Communications Surveillance. These principles recognize that privacy is a fundamental human right that is central to the maintenance of democratic societies. As an organization whose mandate abides by the Universal Declaration of Human […]