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  • Acid Attacks In Isfahan: Media Coverage Shared On Facebook aggregates top trending Farsi links shared by Facebook users. Updated on the hour, Meidoon captures trending stories discussed on social media in Iran. Two weeks ago, rumours of acid attacks in Isfahan, a large city in central Iran, began circulating on Farsi media. Major news outlets based inside and outside of Iran, subsequently began covering […]

  • August in #Iran’s Social Media – Trending stories on Facebook

    Last month, the Fields Medal for Mathematics was awarded to a woman for the first time. Maryam Mirzakhani’s Medal also marks the first time an Iranian has been awarded this prestigious award. In other news about important Iranian woman, Simin Behbahani, the outspoken poet, known as the Lioness of Iran passed away and the news […]

  • Meidoon Watch 

    Every month Meidoon’s team puts together Meidoon Watch, an infographic, summarizing how the Farsi links on social media performed. We tell you who’s stories and which stories grabbed a lot of attention, news that were left out, and a little bit about the stories that are up and coming. Meidoon was busy  for the first […]

  • The Week in #Iran Social Media

      It was a week of wins and losses and almost wins and complete losses in Meidoon. The sporting world was getting reshuffled while nature was carrying out its own schedule. Ali Karimi Hangs Up the Cleats Sayonara—46,500+ Facebook Likes and Shares Ali Karimi attempted to make a quiet exit from the world of soccer […]

  • Meidoon Watch Weekly VI

    Meidoon never seems to disappoint, and this week was no different. Meidoon picked the top links, and now, I got the top of the tops for your reading pleasure. I’m not going to say anything about Brazil. Majlis Pushes for Khatami Bans Khatami Embargo, 17,000 Facebook Likes and Shares The same nagging MP’s who constantly […]

  • Meidoon Watch Weekly V

    This week we had medieval throw back to 7th century concept of a Caliphate, and shining volleyball tournament on Meidoon, among other things. A whole lot happened this week and a whole lot of it was shared on social media. Take a look for yourself! ISIS Leader Claims Himself as the Caliph of All Muslims […]