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  • A brand new Factnameh website is here!

    In April 2017, Factnameh started its journey as the first fact-checking platform covering misinformation in Iran and Persian content online. Since then, we have published over 700 fact-checks and investigated claims and narratives from prominent actors in Iran’s political and media sectors.  In the past five years, as the platform and its audience grew, so […]

  • Four years of fact-checking and counting: An interview with Factnameh Editor in Chief Farhad Souzanchi

    Factnameh is a multimedia fact-checking platform focused on countering misinformation in Iran and building capacity among journalists and civil society to hold those in power accountable and ensure facts remain at the centre of public debate. Similar to other countries, misinformation and disinformation campaigns are on the rise in Iran, often disseminated through state media, […]

  • How We’re Using Technology to Counter Misinformation

    Weeks ago, we received a tip about misinformation circulating on a private Telegram channel. This was during the height of the pandemic and we had already grown accustomed to reading about all sorts of misinformation and fake COVID-19 remedies online. But this was different. This channel had 35,000 members who were inundated with a large […]